Park Town Orchid

Property Description:

Welcome to apartments with views of lush vegetation as far as the eye can see. In Park Town there are Jasmine, Loreto, and Orchid - stunning low-rise buildings with glass facades, surrounded by almost four million square feet of parkland.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of an open park or stroll through the elite shops, restaurants, and recreation areas located just a few steps from the hotel. Park Town holds a place of honor in DAMAC Hills, a lively area where there are unique opportunities such as a golf course, a wave pool, a fishing lake, a children's farm, stables, a skate park, sports arenas, and much more.

Key Features:

  • Investment size: Starting from $220,500
  • Location: Dubai, UAE
  • District: Damac Hills
  • Availability: Studio
  • Construction stage: Project completed
  • Installment plan: 20% upon booking, 80% during construction